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In winter, many of us become discouraged. Bad mood, lethargy, everything falls out of the hands and do not want to go to work. The culprits of this condition - vitamin deficiency and stress. How to overcome depression? How to overcome apathy? How to relax after work? How to relieve stress? How to get rid of anxiety? How to improve your mood? How to refresh your head? Draw pictures!

What to do if the vacation won’t be soon, but you want to cheer up? Draw pictures. Drawing simple pictures is a kind of art therapy. You can draw with a pencil, draw with paints, draw with markers.

The development of fine motor skills is considered an excellent way to develop the brain of a small child. When we grow up, the use of fine motor skills no longer teaches, but heals us. Art therapy allows even the most difficult patients to fight apathy and depression. What to say about the effect of art therapy on healthy people. So, let’s go.

Building a Rubik's Cube is a very useful exercise for the hands. Drawing a Rubik's Cube will help you understanding the artistic perspective.


0:13 How to draw a Rubik's Cube
3: 33 How to draw a hand
4:56 Artistic perspective
6:50 How to draw rose
10:00 Optical illusion

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