24 DMG for Exact Lethal | Whizzbang Warrior | Wild Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

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So, after this not random moment we also play Cthulhu Spiteful Druid because I recorded everything about 3 weeks ago and scheduled it wrong before the expansion so well here you have the video starting at idk I guess 12:00 or something I mean right now I just write the description so how should I know. Never mind I still have the file so let me check real quick. Ok, it starts at 12:11 but damn my guess was close

Anyways, who likes apples? I eat an apple a day because I am so damn rich that I can spend 30 Cents and more on that. I mean my dad pays for it but still gotta put some Ice on my Wrist. I have actually no clue why I just write all this random BS but I just feel happy atm so deal with it. Also, Santa Claus is not real, ignore the lies they tell you

Whizzbang Code for Warrior I guess Code:


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