Animal Crossing Theme (8-Bit Remix) - Animal Crossing (GCN)

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In honor of the noticeably absent game from the recent direct, enjoy a little remix of Animal Crossing's N64 and GCN theme.

Also, future Totaka's Song references will become more and more hidden throughout the songs. (And for those of you who don't know, they aren't in the original songs. I just add them as a tribute.)

====General Info====

Join my discord for behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and request polls: http://discord.gg/YjcrRWv

For my 8-bit works, the artwork is not meant to be a 100% accurate 8-bit image. It's simply there to go along with the music, so I occasionally bend the rules.

My chiptune music is meant to emulate the 2A03 chip, which has two square channels, one triangle channel, one noise channel, and a sample channel.

My friend code on Switch is SW-2606-2068-3512. Add me, and maybe in the future when they add more features, I'll organize some tournaments and such. ALSO: I'm out of friend space. This means that the players who have been offline for too long will be removed.

If you like what you see/hear, be sure to subscribe and share with your friends.

All remixes are transcribed by ear and created using FL Studio through the power of Mountain Dew.

My Mountain Dew flavor of the month: Voltage.

No need to ask for permission! My music can be used in anything you'd like, just leave credit!

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