Batman: Arkham Knight Mods - NEW Superman Mod (Skin)

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Hey, guys!

So... I mean... It had to happen, right? Like... It HAD to. "Superman" mod, finally among us.

I truly don't know much what I can say, y'know? It's just... Superman, y'know? I'm absolutely glad for being able to really make this happen, with all the help I had, and knowing how much it means, having in mind my PREVIOUS iteration at a Superman mod, y'know?! So much emotion, man... S2 Hope you guys enjoy it, for real! Thank you very much!

I would also like to use this momment, here, to thank to each and every one of you for all the truly, truly incredible help, love and support you all have been givin to me, to my channel and to my work so far. I'm absolutely blessed for having you guys around, and you mean, for real, a LOT to me. Thanks again for being those amazingly loving and kind people you are! Love you all!

Explanations below!

See ya,
Heitor Fraga

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To download the codes for the powers of Superman, please, check out the original video clicking on the link below!


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The link to download the ".rar" with the textures to make it all work you can acess by clicking on the URL below, for MediaFire servers!


The console codes can be found here!


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This all works trough a brand-new software created by Ray Wing - and whosoever helped him on this journey -, "Resorep", a texture tool that allow us to replace textures in games based with DirectX11, something never before seen! You can access the official link to download it below, alongside with all the information needed to make it all work, very well explained, very well disposed to you guys!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks to all the GENIUSES - Ray Wing and cia. - behind "Resorep", that will change the modding community forever on! Truly, you guys made an INCREDIBLE work! We owe a lot to you guys! Thank you!

A incredibly big thanks to "Tchi6" for having divided with all of us the whole mesh-work platform, without whom this mod wouldn't ever be possible! You are the greatest, man! Thank you!

A enourmous big also to CapLagRobin, one of the miggest modders in this Arkham community of ours, that was incredibly support to me during the make of this mod, and is truly one of the most awesome guys ever! You can - and should - check out his amazing channel with INCREDIBLE content clicking right here: http://showclipaz.com/canal/UCXrs... ;

My intro is made using as base projects for Sony Vegas developed and freely shared online by the MacLobuzz guy, whose INCREDIBLE channel and work you can find here on the following links! (Big thank you for all the hard work, man! We love you!) http://showclipaz.com/membro/dendee82 / http://maclobuzz.com/ ;

Credits to Heroboard's "The Bluest Star", non-copyrighted song released trough "Heroboard" channel, whose link you can acess here to follow them, what, again, you definitely should do, 'cause all the stuff they post are simply amazing: http://showclipaz.com/canal/UClWu... ;

Credits to Ansia Orchestra's "Warlorck", non-copyrighted song released trough "Music for YouTube" channel, whose link you can acess here to follow them and see all the cool stuff they've posted there: http://showclipaz.com/canal/UCoyk... ; Also, follow the people of Ansia Orchestra, whose work you can find in all the following links:

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/ansiaorchestra
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ansia_orchestra
VK: http://vk.com/ansia_orchestra

Game Batman: Arkham Knight, desenvolved by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment from Sony's PS4, and Microsoft's XBOX One and PC. Release date is June 23, 2015.

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