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Dome Technology constructed a Drive-thru DomeSilo for Continental Cement in Memphis Tennessee.

A Drive-Thru DomeSilo provided the optimal solution for easily tying into the existing infrastructure.

A Docksider vacuum unloader from FLSmidth unloads cement from the barge.

From the barge unloader, the cement is vertically conveyed 30 meters at a rate of 350 MTPH.

A diverter gate directs product into either the new Drive-Thru DomeSilo ro the existing silo.

At 15.2 meters in diameter, the Drive-Thru DomeSilo can store 5,000 metric tons of cement.

The DomeSilo is equipped with a 100% aerated reclaim FLS Ful-Floor that is elevated above the truck bay.

This system can fill a truck at 320 MTPH, equaling one truck in about five minutes.

This fully automated system allows trucks to be filled 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because Dome Technology managed the fill line, storage, loadout, and existing steel-silo retrofit, all systems are efficiently designed, installed, and integrated.

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