EFX Applied Technology Aircraft Safety System

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EFX Applied Technology saves lives by alerting people to unseen hazards. Our patented Interactive Personnel Alert Systems (IPAS) components include vehicle mounted, stationary mounted and wearable devices which directly and instantaneously communicate warnings and notify personnel of dangerous areas likely to cause serious injury or death.

Vehicle Mounted IPAS Devices - Aviation Attached to aircraft, helicopters, GSE or UAVs; IPAS projects a vivid, dynamic, animated illumination around danger zones including spinning propellers, tail rotors, turbine engine intake or exhaust areas.

Since these IPAS devices are mounted to the aircraft, the projected warning areas move whenever the aircraft is operating or in motion on the ground. In rotary powered aircraft the warning areas are projected when the vehicle is approaching a landing or maneuvering close to its landing area.

Stationary Mounted IPAS Devices - Aviation Deployed around an airport ramp, our stationary IPAS devices provide a big picture view showing supervisory and safety personnel the groundside locations of all IPAS equipped people, machines or other important elements. Connected wirelessly to the other IPAS devices, these discreet systems provide all supervisors, aircraft and ground service equipment operators instantaneous alerts of potential incursions into each equipped vehicle's danger zones.

Wearable IPAS incorporated into Personal Protective Equipment Danger alerts are sent directly to Ground Service personnel equipped with IPAS wearable devices, notifying the wearer that a risk of injury exists in their area of operation. Only those people in a defined area, proximity or perimeter are alerted.

This will keep people safe while not disrupting adjacent operations. The interactive alerts are sent simultaneously to workers in the danger area via IoT-based, IPAS Wearable components. These wearable components are incorporated into Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hearing protection, hardhats, high visibility vests, smart watches, etc.

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http://www.ultralightflyer.com - EFX Applied Technology saves lives by alerting people to unseen hazards.

EFX Applied Technology Aircraft Safety System

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