Full Valentine's Day Adventure Log Guide - Black Desert online 2020

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Guide starts at: 01:49
1st Part: 02:14
2nd Part: 02:41
3rd Part: 03:17
4th Part: 03:29
5th Part: 04:26
6th Part: 04:47
7th Part: 06:45
8th Part: 08:07
9th Part: 12:14

This is not a quick guide that You want, it's a silly goose guide. Where I figure out by going around the Black Desert online world and do it one by one. But that's what You get if You watch my videos - Silly videos about a guy who plays this video game for fun!

If You have twitch prime or if You wanna hang out click the link bellow for Streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/mrrapolas

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