Going To Make Fidget Spinner Bedini Energizer Motors

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I am going to make a Bedini Energizer Motor using fidget spinners I got in our store recently.

I got a whole mess of these fidget spinners. What I immediately saw was a good bearing and a flywheel for a Bedini SSG Motor.

The Bedini Energizer can help restore old sulfated lead acid batteries. Some people even claim they can power devices using the Bedini Motor. I have certainly seen more power output than I need to run the simple pulse motor in my experiments.

This is not a free energy device and it does not make or produce energy. It simply uses energy that is already available.

The fidget spinners look like they will make a very good base for a small one to three coil Bedini motor.

I am sorting through the pile and pulling out the best ones for the project.

I may put together some kits for sale. I will let you know if I do.

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