[GUIDE] Valentines Day Adventure Log

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Event Period:
February 12, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ February 26, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 2020

Item to Prepare
- 1x Special Sunflower Seed
- 500x Log
- 1x [Event] Mercenary's Seal (get from any World Boss)

1. Chapter One: (00:26)
Note is under the apple tree in Velia (infront of Black Smith)

2. Chapter Two: (01:06)
Villager infront of Alustin. This is the "CLIENT"

3. Chapter Three: (01:46)
Marsella the Jewel Vendor in Velia

4.Chapter Four: (02:46)
Have a conversation with Marsella. Around 150 Amity

5.Chapter Five: (05:07)
Chat and ask her about her ideal type

6. Chapter Six: (05:36)
Bring a Special Sunflower seed to the "Client".

7. Chapter Seven: (07:12)
Get Seals from Boss Drop. Give it to the "Client".

8. Chapter Eight: (08:26)
Bring 500 Logs to the "CLIENT"

9. Chapter Nine: (09:44)
Talk to Alustin

* The Valentine’s Day Adventure Log can only be progressed and completed in order.
* The Valentine’s Day Adventure Log can only be completed once per Family and only during the event period.

Special Thanks to KiraYamaguchi on SEA server for the first guide

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