How to Know If Your Ex Is Over You - Is My Ex Really Moving On?

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Clay Andrews (from http://relationshipinnergame.com) discusses how to know if your ex is over you.

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Believe it or not, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if your ex is "over you.”

But I’ll get to that in a moment.

Here are a few signs your ex is over you.

First of all, they are building a new and significant life without you in it. Now, I’m not talking about a hard reaction to the life that they had with you, where they are either rebelling against whatever they had with you… And I’m not talking about them recreating the exact carbon copy life that they had with you, but with someone else.

What I am talking about is when they are actually moving forward and creating a new life for themselves that they are being completely present and engaged in without it being a automatic reaction to whatever they had with you.

Secondly, they are detached from outcome with you. I don’t mean this in a posturing sort of way, where they are asserting things that are obviously not true, such as saying that they never felt anything for you. (If they never felt anything for you, then why did they get into a relationship with you to begin with…?).

Instead, I am talking about being detached from outcome in the sense that they are not hung up on things seeming or looking a certain way. That is to say, your ex is not attached to trying to make you feel bad, hurt you, or withhold warmth from you.

The third sign your ex is over you is that your ex is emotionally free from the past that the two of you shared. They are not still hung up on the disagreements or conflicts that the two of you shared.

They may regret things that happened a certain way, but they aren’t holding on to grudges or ill will toward you.

The forth way to know if your ex is over you is if their response to you is not extreme any longer. They are not extremely negative or extremely positive toward you. Not that they are emotionally numb, but that their response is not on an extreme end of the scale. It is a bit more balanced and grounded.

And the fifth way for you to tell if your ex is over you is if your ex is emotionally available again, possibly even with you.

There is a lot of worry that your ex may move on if you’ve browsed your fair share of these videos on YouTube. But it’s not necessarily a bad sign if your ex is over you. Because if your ex is over you, then it means that they are free to create new possibilities with you without dredging up all the pain and history from the past and bringing it into whatever the two of you might create.

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