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1/2" Shank Lapped Miter Router Bit Set w/ 3/4" Setup Block
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Faster, stronger, easier - use this two piece router bit set to make perfect joinery in plywood & MDF.
Make Stronger Joints With This Exclusive Router Bit Set!

Due to the laminated nature of plywood, a traditional Lock Miter Joint is not the ideal method of joinery for this material because the fingered keys that the joint relies on for stability are unstable and prone to breaking off. Our Lapped Miter Router Bit Set eliminates this problem by making a mated 45° glue surface that does NOT use a delicate interlocking finger joints. Use the Lapped Miter router bit set when making boxes, drawers, cabinet frames and much more! This exclusive router bit set is easy to setup and will work with material from 1/2" to 3/4" thick.
Features Include: Matched Rail and Stile Lapped Miter Router Bits One Setup Block for 3/4" Material (SET-510) Setup Block for 1/2" Material (SET-509) sold separately

Uses in your shop: Make strong lapped miter joints for boxes, drawers, cabinet carcasses and much more in plywood and other laminated sheet goods between 1/2" and 3/4" thick

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