iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ | In-Depth Comparison & Review

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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ | In-Depth Comparison & Review

This is it. The comparison of two of the best phones released this year, and possibly the best iOS and Android devices. This video will be your complete guide to these phones, covering design, performance and full camera comparisons - I think this could be the most comprehensive comparison on YouTube. It's a big one, so be prepared! Let's see which of these phones takes the crown...


- Design: 1:00
- Displays: 4:42
- Face ID vs Face Unlock / Fingerprint Scanner: 7:38
- Front Cameras: 8:55
- Rear Cameras: 10:26
- Night Mode: 12:55
- Video Recording: 16:13
- S Pen: 17:46
- Battery/Charging: 18:22
- Performance / Software: 19:59
- Connectivity: 22:11
- iOS vs Android: 22:49
- Prices: 24:50
- Summary / Conclusions: 26:16

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