Samsung Galaxy M30 Launch Date In India | Price, Specs, looks, Hands On, Samsung M30

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Samsung Galaxy M30 Launch Date In India | Price, Specs, looks, Hands On, Samsung M30 , Samsung Galaxy M30 has become more popular than the Samsung M10 and M20 in the Samsung M Series phones. In this video, we provide you all details regarding the price, specifications and the launch date of the Samsung M30 in India.

Expected to be priced at around Rs.17000, Samsung Galaxy M30 is viewed as the Redmi Note 7 Pro Killer. But does the Galaxy M30 have what it takes to beat the Redmi Note 7 in its own game? We will find it out in this video.

The Samsung M30 is expected to come with a 6.4 inch Super Amoled Screen, Triple Camera, 5000 mah battery, USB Type C port and Exynos 7885 (or 7904) chipset and all this for under Rs. 17000. And, that is why, there is tremendous hype around the Samsung Galaxy M30 in India. Many people are still unsure if the Galaxy M30 would unveil alongside the Samsung M10 and the M20 on January 28th 2019.

What do you guys think about the Samsung M30? Do you think that it is the best phone in the Samsung M series? Most importantly, will the Samsung Galaxy M30 be a better phone than the Redmi Note 7 Pro? Do let us know in the commets box below :)
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