Spalted Silver Maple Slabbing [Embedded Steel, Brass, & Copper]

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Slabbing the smaller log: http://showclipaz.com/wg85TrJ7V6g
Build your own wide bandsaw mill: http://www.mattcremona.com/shop/plan...

Back Story & Putting the Log on the Mill - 00:19
Log Walk Around - 2:35
First Cut - 9:00
First Round of Slabs - 11:05
Cutting Through Steel - 22:11
Rolling the Log and Second Round of Slabs - 31:40
Conclusion - 39:05

Sealing Logs: http://showclipaz.com/video/tubeWWztw...
Building the Mill: http://showclipaz.com/playlist?list...
Other Sawmill Videos: http://showclipaz.com/playlist?list...

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