St. Thomas 6 Months after Hurricane IRMA and MARIA - Interviews from Islanders

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My wife and I went on a cruise to St. Thomas in February, 2018. We had a wonderful time, the day we spent on St. Thomas. Prior to the trip, I had a hard time finding any concrete information about how the island was doing. We found the beaches to be beautiful. Certainly, the island is coming back. The people were amazing as well. We learned from our interviews with Tony and Jerry, that the people of St. Thomas encourage more tourists to come. It is likely the tourism industry that will help bring many of these damaged islands back from the destruction during last September's hurricanes. There are still damaged buildings, closed restaurants, downed trees, etc. But overall the island is back in action. The power is up and running, beaches have been cleaned, and palm trees planted. We had a very enjoyable day and are confident you will too!

Please share this information with those planning Caribbean travel this next year.

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