STOLEN Bike in River Treasure Hunting... You Won't Believe What We Found! (Scuba Diving)

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Went scuba diving to find stolen bikes out of the river and you won't believe what else we found in this underwater treasure hunt. 💦🚲

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We never know what our next river treasure hunting adventure is going to find, especially when we go scuba diving underwater in the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls here in Oregon.

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On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we set out on another underwater scuba diving, treasure hunting adventure in the Deschutes River running through the heart of Bend, Oregon.

We've been in this treasure hunting challenge of pulling a couple of stolen bikes out of the river for a couple of months now.

Usually we are out of air at the end of our scuba diving adventures by the time we hit the Galveston bridge.

So this time we decided to go river treasure hunting beginning and ending at the beginning of Drake Park here in Bend, Oregon.

In searching for the lost bikes in the river, we found a goldmine of underwater treasures like the vintage toy gun, vintage cars, traffic cones which Kierra really doesn't want, and let's not forget the super old tires we found in the water.

Strange, but we didn't find any golfballs on this diving adventure.

We also found the run of the mill bottles and cans, along with clothes, dog toys, broken glass, hats, and more lost sunglasses.

Ready to join us on our next treasure dive?

Just hit us up next time you're in town and want to treasure hunt.

We never get tired of underwater treasure hunting...

We have personally pulled 3000+ pounds of garbage out of the lakes and rivers this year. ... 〽️🙌🏼

At the end of the day, we feel amazing about our efforts in all the garbage we take out of the lakes and rivers in our measly little attempt to help save the planet, the fish, and the animals. 🐟

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Hello! My name is Jared Leisek! (aka: MrLeisek)... I’m a 💦 Scuba Diver, ⛏Treasure Hunter, and Powered Paramotor Pilot who's always looking for that next adventure.

Adventures with Purpose takes you along on lost river treasure hunts, lake treasure hunting, or maybe a few beach treasure hunts along the way with wife Kristin and KiKi (Kierra my daughter and camera girl) in tow.

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