Tailor This Dress Shirt With Me!

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It’s important to wear clothes that fit you. Tailoring can be expensive, next best alternative? Learn to use a sewing machine! Now that we have our shirt pinned and measured. It's time to do the actual sewing. And once you get the hang of it you can tailor a shirt in honestly 10 minutes, max!

Looking great in a t shirt isn't hard at all, but if you wear a shirt that you bought in the store then it's not gonna fit you right at all. That's why it needs to be tailored, but that's expensive! The next best thing is to learn to do it yourself, which is what we're gonna do in this video. The second step to tailoring a t shirt by yourself is sewing, and it's stupid easy!

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Brush patterns and shapes were provided by http://www.brusheezy.com

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