The NEW Lightsaber Dojo | Vader Immortal | Episode 2

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Let's take a look at the all new Lightsaber Dojo 1 from Vader Immortal Episode II!! They've added so many new and dope things, that this almost feels like an entirely different experience. In a good way!

My FAVORITE THING about Vader Immortal is THE LIGHTSABER DOJO! I AM OBSESSED with this game mode because it makes you feel like you’re in Star Wars! And that’s exactly what my channel is about 😜

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Welcome, Star Wars Nerds! You belong here :) This channel is about escaping this galaxy, and entering a new one. One that we all love, that others don't quite understand. One filled with Jedi, Lightsabers, and Space Battles. Romance, Hope, and Belonging. Real life sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️ but Star Wars doesn’t!

I'm going to cover everything from visual effects, to cosplay, toys, virtual reality, events, pranks, and more. These aren't just movie reviews. This isn't just... "Theory".

This is Star Wars In Real Life.

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