TOP 10 | ROCK Blind Auditions that made The Voice coaches go crazy!

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In The Voice they also know how to Rock ’n Roll! We've collected 10 of the best ROCK Blind Auditions in The Voice ever. Who would you pick as a winner? Let us know in the comments.

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Navarone - “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zeppelin)
2. ไนท์ วิทวัส - “Highway To Hell” (AC/DC)
3. SandyRedd - “River” (Bishop Briggs)
4. Jack Gypsy - “Smoke On The Water” (Deep Purple)
5. Larisa Ciortan - “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana)
6. Will Barber - “Another Brick In The Wall” (Pink Floyd)
7. Monika Pilarczyk - “Livin’ On A Prayer” (Bon Jovi)
8. Sascha Coles - “Take A Look Around” (Limp Bizkit)
9. Jackie Ramsey - “Rock And Roll” (Led Zeppelin)
10. Pierre Edel (эдель пьер) - “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zeppelin)

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