Top things to do in a Lifetime – Travelling to Finland

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Discover unique cultural aspects of Finland. Watch this amazing video.

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Among the top things to do in a lifetime, I highly recommend traveling to Finland (for the non-Finnish, of course!).
On top of being a food vlog, this is also some sort of travel vlog.
I spend my life travelling for business. I travel to some of the best destinations in the world and I take the opportunity to live food adventurers.
As part of my work, I study the ways in which human cultures affect human perception, human behaviour, human beliefs and human actions and reactions.
I advocate a lifestyle driven by an open mind, wherein cultural barriers are broken and people can communicate from human to human.
What better way to show an open mind than to try exotic dishes from around the world – food is one of the final frontiers of the human cultural staples.
Some of those places may also be considered as some of the best holiday destinations in the world – but I am a professional nomad (almost a digital nomad) first before I am a food blogger or a travel blogger.
In a way, these are my travel tips or this is my travel guide.
Therefore, if you like traveling, make sure that you visit Finland.
And by the way, you may someday bump into me, on the streets of a busy city, in a restaurant eating weird stuff or working on the beach of some amazing holiday resort. Come and say hi 😊

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