Trump Blackmailed by Schumer, Pelosi, to save Mara Lago from Hurricane Irma

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My original video was deleted from my 4 hard drives and 3 thumb drives. This is a remake, showing how Trump was extorted/blackmailed into signing the debt ceiling increase, GOING AGAINST all his campaign promises.
My deleted video showed the hurricane was steered in the middle of the night, over shallow water, suggesting a new class of weather weapon, which I will not talk about.
I forgot to add the historical hurricane track to this video, but you can see two "steer points" (1st to protect Puerto Rico at Marigot island, 2nd to attack Cuba at Inaqua island): http://coast.noaa.gov/hurricanes/ (you need to click "Irma 2017" in the search pulldown menu).

President Trump needs to expose these technologies, and sign a treaty to prohibit these weapons, if planet Earth is to survive. In 1963, JFK signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (exploding nukes above ground). Now is the time for Trump and other leaders to ban these weapons, before the ozone layer is destroyed by thousands of holes caused by the ionospheric heaters.

If you think these disclosures are critical for our survival, please donate so I can continue this VERY time consuming research - Thank you for your support! http://www.patreon.com/TheHaarpReport

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