Minions of the Zoo GameNight 5/17/19

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Host: Hammer

Link to our discord: http://discord.gg/6xWjT3b

Poppy's Go Fund Me: http://www.gofundme.com/dont-let-pop...

Blue Mamba Comics: http://bluemambacomic.bigcartel.com/

MON: Inquisitor 8.1
TUES: Sanguine Mathghamhain
WEDS: Skep Tock
THUR: Prospero 058
FRI: Game Night with Platty!
SAT: Rejekt
SUN: Lucky Poptart/Delahazed

Views expressed are those of the person expressing them, not indicative of the views of the whole group.

@rejektppc, @Hades313, @theonetonhammer, @luckypoptart81, @khyberpunnisher, @betzva, @FatPlatty, @Xelthor, @FarZoosme, @SaltyShakr, @Inquisitor8_1, @Poly_Dub, @eve_chaos, skepticalfa, @ShadyGrin, @AisClear, @fullmetalnatsu, @TheJackCochran

Special thanks to The Lords of the Night for bringing the group together:
@Ranting_Monkey, @somedumb_yt, @Scribe_Light

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